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    Amanda L.
  • ""You've heard the saying that men think about sex every 7 seconds, well that's about how often I think about crossfit. I like the classes, coaches and crossfit community and I l..."

Our Monthly Meditation:

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
--Tim Notke

Athlete Spotlight
Amelia Edd

You know the story, maybe you've even told it to yourself. 
Mother of 2, both under 9 years old. Works full time (as a TEACHER) and married. In that short statement, I know that 80% of the population would claim that they don't have time to make themselves a priority. 
And yet here we have Amelia. Doing all of the above. 
Amelia is a quintessential do-er, the over-thinker and, also, the typical runner that walks into our box. 
And yet she has kept an open mind, a fun sense of humor, and consistently contributed to our fun atmosphere! (Far more than I do pre-6am)
She is a detailed oriented girl so any task that has been put in front of her? She would ask for a how-to and the timeline for getting better at it. Any movement we've encountered in class? If she can not accomplish it Rx'd, she is working diligently (including before and after class) to make her goals happen. 
As coaches, we long for this type of athlete. The one who asks the pertinent questions and strives to excel with the direction we provide. Amelia IS this athlete, which is why she is only the 2nd coach nominated athlete for 2016. 
Amelia, be proud not only for your diligence and tenacity but also for the fact that you spend so much of your life giving so much to others (your students and your family) but that you continue to set the standard for making yourself a priority. 
So many women can learn from your example.